Listen to current Trinity students talk about why the Block Schedule was the best fit for them, how the House System allowed them to find a sense of belonging, and how the variety of clubs and activities at Trinity helped them discover their passion!

Listen as Trinity Class of 2022, Paul Springer, talks about what makes Trinity GreaT!

This video testimonial by Trinity senior Chris Forehand ’21 will explain why Trinity could not provide financial aid without alumni support and how important financial aid is in making the Trinity experience a reality for so many families!

Check out Trinity senior Porter Hunt ’20 as he describes why Trinity was the right fit for him and how every student can find a sense of belonging here at Trinity.

Check out Trinity senior Patrick Owens ’20 as he describes why fitting in at Trinity is so easy! 

Trinity senior Charlie Thegreat ’20 describes why fitting in at Trinity is so easy and talks about his most memorable experiences as a Trinity student.

Trinity senior Jonathon Barry ’20 talks why the Traditional Program made learning comfortable and fun at Trinity!


Check out Walker Evans ’20 speaking about the Brotherhood and Belonging at Trinity High School!

Listen as Trinity student, Rob Player ’21, talks about how EVERYONE finds a sense of involvement and belonging in
Trinity’s House System!

Listen as Trinity student, Colin Book ’21, talks about what he’s involved with at Trinity, and how the variety of clubs and activities at Trinity makes every student feel like they BELONG.

Watch as Matthew Chou, Trinity Class of 2022, discusses the different ways that YOU can Be GreaT at Trinity!

Trinity Class of 2022 Matthew Fisher talks Trinity’s House System, Block Schedule and why Trinity truly has something for everybody!

Trinity freshmen Cameron McClain (JCTMS) and Andre Clarke (Crosby) describe why Trinity is the right fit for them.

Listen as Trinity senior Eric Gallehr-Miracle explains why the variety of ways to get involved made fitting in at Trinity so easy.

Trinity senior Damarcus Wilson explains why FITTING IN at Trinity is so easy!

Check out Trinity student, Jack Castagno ’21, as he talks about how the variety of clubs and activities that Trinity offers allows every student to find their passion!

John Mackey, Trinity’s Class of 2021, talks about how Trinity’s House System helped him MAKE FRIENDS FAST!

Nate Caudill, Trinity’s Class of 2020, talks about how the variety of Trinity’s Clubs and Activities helped him feel like he BELONGED from day one. 

Porter Hunt, Trinity’s Class of 2020, talks about how Trinity’s Block Schedule helps him LEARN BEST!

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