Mask-optional Policy to Start Dec. 6

Mask-optional Policy

 Dr. Rob Mullen

Thanks for the tremendous support regarding our mask-optional approach that will start on Dec. 6 if the “numbers” allow. We will report to you every Friday if the number of Covid illnesses compared to our overall absenteeism warrants going mask-optional according to the guidelines we are to follow. Remember, this is a week-to-week calculation. Going forward please note:

  1. The week after the Christmas holiday, Jan 3 – 7 will be mask-required in order to provide a buffer week from the holiday contacts we all will have.
  2. Every student should bring a mask to school every day. Teachers may require masks to be worn during a class, especially during labs, group work, presentations, etc., or full-time if health conditions exist for themselves or a student in the room. We expect, and appreciate, everyone’s understanding and care in this matter.
  3. For now, if not wearing a mask, a student must wear a tie. If in an individual class that requires a mask, the tie may be loosened. We will reevaluate this dress code policy in the second semester.

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