Attention E661 students interested in traveling to Waverly Hills for our urban legend and folklore investigation:

If you are interested in participating in the Waverly trip, 我们的学生兴趣会议就要开始了.

当: 星期一,12月6日 下午3点

地点:女士. Darby s - 352的房间

我们会投票决定我们的旅行日期. Be sure you are in attendance, so your voice is heard. 

请参阅女士. Darby if you are interested but can’t attend the meeting. 

注意所有的学生, faculty and those interested in doing some great service work for the holidays: The Green Cross will be leading another group of Trinity folks down to Wayside Christian Mission to set up their annual Christmas Store on 周二,12月14日 考试结束后下午1-4点.  We are looking for as many people as possible to join us so the job gets done in one afternoon.  请见或联系李先生. Budniak if you have questions or need further details! 





FLIK will sell snacks after exams, but lunch will not be available

The cafeteria will NOT be open on Wednesday’s Study Day


There is no exam for Enrichment classes such as Freshman Success, ACT or Senior Capstone

90分以上的老年人 这两个 第1节和第2节是免税的


只有 seniors are offered this exam exemption privilege.


星期一,12月. 13:     第一节绿色考试9-10:15.m.

第二节绿色考试10:25 - 11:40 a.m.

学生 should make arrangements to leave campus for the day following exams.


周二,12月. 14:    第一节课WHITE Exam 9-10:15.m.

第二节白色考试10:25 - 11:40

Cafeteria is open in the mornings at 7, closed at 1:00 pm

周三,12月. 15:           学生学习日





This is a great opportunity to get a head start on preparing for your next round of exams, 组成学习小组, 弥补缺勤


星期四,12月. 16:   第三期绿色考试9-10:15.m.

第四节绿色考试10:25 - 11:40.m.

学生 should make arrangements to leave campus for the day following exams. 


周五,12月. 17:      第三节课白色考试9-10:15.m.


学生 should make arrangements to leave campus for the day following exams.


The lacrosse team is looking for managers for the 2022 spring season.  Interested students should contact coach Schroeder in D123 or email schroeder@topiksolutions.com 

需要一些额外的现金? 工作清单上有很多. 到学术服务中心去找她. 或者给她发邮件 durbin@topiksolutions.com. We have jobs from Bow Tie Carwash, Hometown Pizza, Silvio’s, St. 阿尔贝二世亲王的, 踢的足球学院, Salsaritas, 维拉布拉德利, Valvoline, 美国鹰牌服饰, 路易斯维尔乡村俱乐部, 白色城堡, 德尔弗里斯科的, 森林湖村, 爸爸墨菲(米), 鸡肉沙拉小鸡和消防站潜艇.


The 房子 table tennis tournament took place on Nov. 30日和12月. 2在会议大厅的建议期间. Each 房子 had four members participating in the contest. 在比赛的第一天, 阿奎那, 贝克特, 但丁, Flannan, 贡扎加住宅互相对抗. 但丁 房子’s Ben Rueff won the upper half of the bracket by defeating Flannan 房子’s Matthew Money. On day two of the tournament 默顿, 帕特里克, 罗梅罗, 串线, and 杜桑 房子s competed. 默顿 房子’s Dane Boggess defeated 帕特里克 房子’s Matthew Chou to win the bottom half of the bracket and advance to the championship. Boggess was victorious over Rueff in the championship round. In the third-place consolation game, Money defeated Chou. 特别感谢先生. Joseph Chittissery Mathai for his assistance in organizing and facilitating the tournament.



Congratulations to 默顿 房子 on winning the Video Game Tournament.​ 默顿’s Gregg Dunn defeated 串线 房子’s Devin Williams 24-21 in the championship game. ​Dunn defeated 贝克特 房子’s Bryant Beane in the lower bracket and finished Second in the tournament. 比恩排在第三.​ 默顿 房子 earned 20 points, 串线 received 15 points, and 贝克特 房子 earned 10 points. All the other houses received 5 participation points. ​

To help spread some holiday cheer the house system is sponsoring a door decorating contest. The goal is to have each Advising group to decorate the outside of its classroom door in a holiday theme. Preliminary judging will take place TOMORROW to determine the best decorated door from each house.  决赛将于下周一举行 周一和周二 确定最佳的整体装修门. Five bonus points will be given to those houses that have all 6 Advising groups participate in the contest. Three bonus points to those 房子s have at least 3 Advising groups participate in the contest.


NEW CLUB – The Anime Club will hold it’s first ever meeting on 周三 从3点到3点30分,在F133房间. 有兴趣的同学可以加入Mrs. Waggoner in the newest club on campus – bring your suggestions for Anime viewing, 漫画阅读及更多.

书友会将在 周二 放学后在图书馆.  请制定参加计划.  欲了解更多信息,请参见Mr. Schum是F245.

The Inner Peace Club will meet during Advising on 周一.  学生 should make an e-hall pass and come to the Chapel to attend.  如需更多信息,请与李先生联系. 在F245 Schum.

The next meeting of the Investment Club will be on 周一 下午3点在D123房间.  有问题请联系施罗德教练. schroeder@topiksolutions.com

The freshman intramural basketball schedule begins this week with the following games in Shamrock Hall Gym.

今天 2:30贡扎加/杜桑vs. 默顿斯通/

凌晨Flannan vs. 帕特里克·罗梅罗/

周六: 10:00阿奎那/但丁vs. 默顿斯通/

11:10 AM贡扎加/图森vs. 帕特里克·罗梅罗/

12:20贝克特/罗梅罗vs. Flannan

鼓线正在寻找新成员. 我们练习每一个 周四 放学后在毕业典礼大厅. 没有必要的经验. 如有任何信息,请与李先生联系. Mata在F240房间,或者发邮件给他 mata@topiksolutions.com

任何对圣. Joseph of Arimathea Society should email or see Mrs. deGolian在图书馆.  学生 in this important ministry serve at burials for homeless and indigent members of the Louisville community on alternating Thursdays.  我们需要更多愿意服务的学生.  你不是参加每一个葬礼.  联系夫人. deGolian或先生. Domzalski问题.

对AG真人app下载专区瑜伽俱乐部感兴趣? 女士的邮件. Nazarenko在 nazarenko@topiksolutions.com 的更多信息.

Attention French students, French Scrabble Team meets after school on 周一和周三 在奥. 威尔逊的房间F237.  提供的零食!

AG真人app下载专区机器人俱乐部是每个 周一 after school in the Trinity Hall Technology Center.  欢迎新成员加入!

我们将在下午2:30念《玫瑰经.m. 每一个 星期五. We will say the rosary by the Mary Statue, weather permitting. 我们将提供念珠. Do not worry if you do not know how to pray the rosary, we will be glad to show you. 每隔一 周二 我们会在建议期间说念珠. 鼓励学生参加. Make an e-hall pass and meet at the Mary statue weather permitting. We will start the prayer at 8:15 and should be done by 8:45. 欢迎所有有能力的人参加.

Do you know that most stuff around us deals with electronics? Do you like to gain more insight into this subject, then sign up with Mr. 通过注册提醒CM. To sign up, text the message    @THSEL2122     to the number 81010. This club involves hands on activities like soldering, 拆焊组件, assembling small circuits for various applications and in the process learn some of the basics of electricity and electronics. 俱乐部成员将在星期五见面 2nd 和图4th 周四 每月3点到4点,在F332房间.