Class of 2024 Arrives for the Beginning

Just under 400 8th graders arrived at Trinity for the annual Placement Test on Dec. 14. The number of testers is the second most in the past eight years.

Attracted by our block schedule, House System and record levels of student achievement, the eighth graders represent a wide variety of Catholic, private and public schools. All will find a place at Trinity and quickly become Brothers for Life.

Director of Admissions James Torra had this to say, “I enjoy meeting prospective parents in the months leading up to the test. I learn about their son and the hopes and dreams they have for him. We provide compelling and honest answers about our offerings. This turnout today indicates families are willing to trust us and partner with us for the benefit of their son. This means so much to us.”

Trinity will continue enrolling the broadest possible range of learners. We welcome the opportunity to move each student through this experience. Eventually, they will enter the lifelong relationship we have with them as alumni.

Principal Dr. Dan Zoeller remarked, “I have the utmost confidence in our teachers, counselors, and staff members. They enjoy working with teenage boys. They relish the chance to teach, and they do it really well. With our expanding college and career counseling efforts, we will be even better at helping students chart their future. Along the way, we will instill lessons that help them become Men of Faith and Men of Character.”

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